Valarie Storm

2019 Tour Dates



9th-12th Carnival Glory

12th-15th Carnival Glory

30th-Feb 2nd  Carnival Glory



2nd—5th Carnival Glory

7th-11th  Carnival Elation

11th-16th Carnival Elation

16th-21st Carnival Elation

22nd-23rd Comedy Zone at the Riverside Theater: Vero Beach, FL

27th to March 3rd Carnival Horizon



7th-10th Carnival Miracle

10th-13th Carnival Miracle

14th-17th Carnival Liberty

18th 27th VACATION ….WooHoo!!

29th-30th Comedy Zone: Greensboro, NC




4th-6th Snappers Comedy Club:  Palm Harbor, FL

11th-13th Jacksonville Comedy Zone:  Jacksonville, FL

18th-21st Carnival Magic

21st-24th Carnival Magic

25th to 28th Carnival Liberty

28th-May 2nd Carnival Liberty



4th-8th Carnival Horizon

10th-11th Greenville Comedy Zone:  Greenville, SC

12th Charlotte Comedy Zone *Mother’s Day Show* Charlotte, NC

15th-18th Carnival Vista

18th-22nd Carnival Vista

29th-June 1st Carnival Breeze



1st-4th Carnival Breeze

5th-8th Carnival Conquest

8th-11th Carnival Conquest

14th-16th Carnival Fascination

20th Boca Black Box Theater, Boca Raton, FL

23rd Villiages Theater, Ocala, FL

27th-30th Carnival Glory



1st-3rd Carnival Glory

4th-8th Carnival Sunshine

11th Kelsey Theater

17th-20th Carnival Vista

20th-23rd Carnival Vista

25th-29th Carnival Valor